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A little bit about Hagley & Laws

Hagley & Laws is made up of several parts, all working in harmony to make the lives of our clients easier and their exhibitions that much better.

Andrew Laws

Andrew has been involved in exhibition services for nearly twenty years.  He has worked with organisations who host exhibitions and companies who exhibit at exhibitions.  

Andrew's background is in marketing.  This means he knows not only what makes exhibitions (and delegates) tick, but also how companies can crush every bit of value out of their time at exhibitions.

Jack Hagley

Jack is first and foremost an designer.  Like all great designers he specialises in translating business objectives into motivating designs.

Over the last ten years Jack has worked with lots of major brands, including Google, Samsung, The Times, Volkswagon, Ogliviy, AXA, Tesco, Unilever and Virgin Media.  The list of brands Jack has worked with is very long indeed.

Jack knows how to make companies stand out from thier competitors, while communicating core marketing messages.

Everyone else

Here at Hagley & Laws we choose to work with talented individuals and suppliers who we can trust to deliver above your expectations.

We work hard to over-deliver on every project and our supply-chain is full of companies who share our vision for a world where everything works and everthing is delivered on-budget and ahead of time.

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